Valentine’s Day: Coliving & Couples

Happy Valentine’s @Mortonplace

Valentine’s day is around the corner and at Morton Place where no matter your relationship status no one spends the evening alone. Although for years cohousing was aimed at those who were young and single, now the demographics are swiftly changing. In fact, people choose coliving for a variety of reasons and being in a partnership doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the community that shared housing offers. Although we only offer single occupancy rooms, whether you are single, in a relationship, or married with family, coliving can have a place in your life.

Panorama view of Brussels.

The long term commuter

We increasingly have residents who are posted to Brussels for a fixed period of time for work while their partner or family stay behind. Commuting home on weekends is easy to do but it also makes it difficult to foster new friendships or pursue hobbies locally. Weekday life spent living alone in Brussels can quickly become dull and depressing. For these residents, Morton Place has become a welcome Brussels home. Coliving offers an easy way to make friends in Brussels beyond the workplace. Evenings are not spent alone in a dreary furnished flat, but in a cosy, busy home with fellow international expats.

Morton Place Parvis

A New House for the New You

We’ve all been there: the relationship doesn’t work out and life can all of a sudden feel terribly lonely. Coming home to an empty flat is not always an easy way to mend a broken heart. A house full of new people is a welcome distraction and there is always someone to share a glass of wine with at the end of the day. A coliving home is a perfect way to expand your circle of friends for the new you. Getting involved in new activities, sharing cooking with new people expands your horizons, helps you to forget your worries for a while and start the new chapter in your life.

Entrance to Annexe through green garden

Morton Place Chatelain Cottage

Beat the Pandemic Blues

Working from home has taken its toll on workers especially those who live alone. We increasingly have requests for rooms from professionals who are suffering from the isolation they are feeling. They crave an “in real life” conversation with someone beyond the Deliveroo person. With good covid policies we are able to offer a safe alternative to isolated life, with fellow international expats to chat with around the communal dinner table.


Regardless of your relationship status: this Valentine’s day is bound to be social and special if you’re enjoying coliving life.