Let’s wander in Saint Gilles

One of my great pleasures in Brussels is enjoying the street art. Belgium has its own share of iconic, challenging street artists who impose themselves on us from otherwise neglected facades. A few of our favorites have frescos are within walking distance of Morton Place.


Né Vincent Glowinski and originally from Paris, he is Brussels’s adopted son when he moved here to study at the infamous Brussels La Cambre design academy. His street art would look just as comfortable in a museum setting, were it not for it’s scale. Not necessarily political, the art draws on the former art student’s drawing techniques with varied subject matter that includes a reclining nud as well as a huge spider or a t-rex next to the museum. We treasure the Yoda like figure which appears near the subway stop adjacent to MP Louise and MP Parvis.

For a more extensive list of Bonom’s cherished frescos, a visit to the following site is useful:

Classic Cartoon Street Art

Hergé inspired street art                                                                                                        Just across the inner ring road from MP Louise and MP Parvis is Les Marolles, one of Brussels’ oldest neighborhoods and home to a delightful suite of frescoes commemorating the city’s comic strip heritage. Tintin and Lucky Luke are but two of the infamous comic strip characters who hail from Belgium. The Belgian comic strip scene is rich in history and Brussels is dotted with comic strip shops and street art commemorating its national literary niche. Some of my favorite street art commemorating these characters are within walking distance of Morton Place Louise and Parvis. Including a charming use of this façade.

To make your own walking tour check out the interactive map:

Further afield?

For an « only in Belgium » moment, book yourself a cambio shared car and drive out to Doel. This abandoned Belgian village, slated for demolition years ago, has fought back through art. It’s graffiti clad derelict buildings have given a new life to the town which has since become a top tourist destination.

For a detailed itinerary https://theculturetrip.com/europe/belgium/articles/the-stunning-street-art-of-belgium-s-decaying-ghost-town/

Happy wandering!