The Experience

While everyone arrives at Morton Place for a different reason, they all leave with the same thing: an exceptional shared living experience in the heart of Brussels. Come join a community of like-minded professionals who are excited to enjoy this vibrant city together

Coliving  Brussels

Join a Thriving Coliving Community

Welcome to a more adult coliving experience. Here, you’ll find career-focused international professionals who want to live in a respectful and courteous environment, just like you. At the same time, you’ll get to know a group of open-minded people who are excited about the opportunity to make new friends and explore all Brussels has to offer. We group residents who have similar lifestyles, while maintaining a healthy degree of diversity. Our communities become close quickly, often remaining friends well after their time at Morton Place is over.

Coliving Brussels

Come Home to Comfort

At Morton Place, local authenticity meets coliving convenience. The houses are traditional, located in the best neighborhoods, and feature facades and layouts that reflect the architectural history of Brussels. Yet they’ve all been completely refurbished to function specifically as shared residences. From the obvious (plenty of refrigerators and dishwashers) to the not-so-obvious (smart plumbing means you’ll never hear your neighbor’s water running), our houses feel like a family home, but function with all the modern comforts of a purpose-built coliving space.

Coliving in Brussels

Access All-Inclusive Convenience

Our all-inclusive contracts take the hassle out of moving, so your Brussels adventure can begin the moment you arrive. Everything is already set up and waiting for you: Your individual room is fully furnished. Your utilities are fully operational. Your WiFi is ready to go. And our team is on call, here to provide support throughout the duration of your stay. It all adds up to a smooth, successful Brussels coliving experience—from your first online application to your final check-out.