About Coliving in Brussels

Morton Place family

Our Story

As a then-university student, Tanya spent four years making fantastic memories coliving with 14 young women in a gorgeous Victorian house. That all changed when she transitioned to her first job in Paris. Living alone in a studio, working long hours, and frustrated by the hassles and traps of the rental market, she missed the warmth, beauty, and community of her houseshare days. Years later, Tanya took over the three-generation family real estate business. That’s when she created Morton Place, providing international expats in Brussels with a boutique coliving experience as wonderful as her own.

Morton Place

Furnished Housing in Brussels

Morton Place makes moving to (or within) Brussels less stressful—and more seamless. Three renovated houses in the heart of the city offer fully furnished rooms that bring elevated design, engaging community, and all-inclusive service together for one premium experience. Once you arrive, our house manager gives you a warm welcome, explaining everything from how the WiFi works to where the nearest supermarket is located. You’ll enjoy welcome drinks with your housemates, join a group chat for easy communication, and quickly settle into house traditions like movie nights and family dinners.

Morton Place Housekeeping

Houseshares Made for Memories

You’re here in Brussels to enjoy new adventures in and outside of work. We’re here to handle the rest. We provide bi-weekly housekeeping to ensure you always step foot into a fresh, clean home. Our handyman keeps the facilities working in perfect order (and can even lend a hand with small projects, such as building an extra chest of drawers). Cleaning equipment is free to use, and each laundry room includes multiple washers, dryers, and an ironing station. It’s all included as part of your room for rent in Brussels. Free from hassles, you can start enjoying your stylish and welcoming accommodations from day one—making friends and memories along the way.