Securing furnished housing in Brussels is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1: Book a Tour

Contact us for a tour, live or virtual.  Finding housing in Brussels as an expat can be daunting. We have heard more than our share of horror stories. We will give you a personal tour of each house and the rooms available. All of our properties as well as each individual room is photographed, you know exactly what the accommodation you are renting looks like. No bad surprises.

2: Apply Online

For these short term rentals in Brussels, our application process is fast and simple—no complex or confusing forms and paperwork here. Submit your documents online (including your work or traineeship agreement and personal identification). From there, we’ll generate an official lease you can use to register Morton Place as your domicile. After that, simply provide us with a one-month deposit to secure your room for rent with private bathroom—and it’s yours.

3: Welcome Home

You’re here! We’ll make sure your arrival day is stress-free and full of warmth. You’ll be greeted by our House Manager, who will take great care to help you get settled, answer your questions, and explain the ins and outs of how the houseshare works. Then the first Thursday after you move in, we treat you to an evening of welcome drinks. All the housemates gather to give you a warm welcome—and a chance to get acquainted with your new community.