Stepping Out: Best Coffee in the Chatelain in Brussels

  • “From the front door to your morning espresso bar, never more than 100 m” – Joris B., entrepreneur and friend. So in honor of Joris, herewith our tips on where to get coffee in the Chatelain Area in Brussels.
  • Hinterland: our neighbors on the corner, were just starting out when we were renovating MP Chatelain. We spent many a meeting huddled around their tables while sipping the smoothie of the day. Three years later and they have hit their stride attracting a young, fashionable crowd hungry for Hinterland’s healthy fare. With the tram stop just outside their door this is a very good option  for those who grab breakfast on the go in the Chatelain area in Brussels.
  • Forcado: Our neighborhood has a significant Portuguese population, which you can definitely appreciate during Euro or World cup football season. The rest of the time, you can enjoy traditional pasteis and strong coffee at Forcado. A family run Pasteileria they only serve sweet Portuguese specialties in their beautifully renovated interior.
  • Parlor Coffee Roasters: is nirvana for coffee connoisseurs, as well as the rest of us who love a great coffee shop as well as a decent sandwich to pick up for lunch. They roast their own beans, have heaps of knowledge about what you’re drinking… but it’s the lovely coffee smell and charming staff which will keep you coming back in the Chatelain Area in Brussels.