Hidden Gems in Brussels: our tips for spots off the beaten path

Hidden Gems in Brussels: Discover Tourist Spots Off The Beaten Track 


Brussels, the heart of Europe, is a city known for its spectacular sites that draw thousands of tourists each year. But as a local resident, you might want to explore beyond the usual and show visitors some unexpected spots when giving a tour of the city. Here are our recommendations for some interesting spots to add to your usual route, promising you a unique experience in Brussels.

In ’t Spinnekopke: Brussels’ Oldest Secret

Believe it or not, the oldest restaurant in Brussels, In ’t Spinnekopke (The Spider’s Web) is still somewhat a secret. Founded back in 1762, this charming estaminet stands discreetly on a quiet square in the city centre. With its intimate rooms adorned with tiled floors, wood panelling, and vintage beer signs, it offers a cozy atmosphere that’s not too fancy yet full of character. A stone’s throw from the must see Grand Place – getting there is a wonderful walk through some of ancient Brussels’ most atmospheric streets. 

Parc Pierre Paulus: A Hidden Valley

Hidden in a deep valley is one of Brussels’ most romantic parks, Parc Pierre Paulus. Finding the entrance next to the Parvis de Saint Gilles metro station might take a bit of searching, but it’s worth it. Once you are through the gate, you’ll be welcomed by a secret park built on a steep slope featuring a pond, a bridge, all recently restored to their fantastic glory. A welcome green spot in densley populated Saint Gilles, pack a picnic or bring a book for some green time.  A stone’s throw away from Morton Place Parvis, it is a must-visit!

Galeries Saint-Hubert: A glorious 19th century shopping arcade with vintage shops 

Omnia omnibus, or everything for everyone, reads the inscription above the entrance to the Galeries Saint-Hubert. Built in 1846, this stunning arcade was designed to cater to every need. From shops to theatres, cafés, restaurants, and even apartments, it’s a bustling hub that encapsulates the spirit of Brussels. You can check out more about this  glorious arcade on their website Galerie Royale Saint Hubert .

Passage du Nord: A Restored Beauty

The Passage du Nord  is another shopping arcade, slightly less glamorous than it’s cousin the Galeries Saint Hubert,  but full of shops and restaurants which you and your guests will want to explore. A decades long renovation has restored its original charm, you can find an oyster bar, knife shop, and even a milk bar. Explore more about this hidden gem Passage du Nord 

Crosly Bowling Alley: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Ready for some old-fashioned fun? Just steps away from the grand place and nestled in the ancient neighborhood of Sablon is the Crosly Bowling Alley. Take a descent down the cobblestone streets and find one of Brussels’ authentic 1950s arcade and bowling alleys. Always lively and teeming with families and groups of friends, it’s a true gem in Brussels!


So, next time you’re showing someone around or simply want to explore the city by yourself, don’t forget to visit these tourist spots off the beaten track in Brussels. Happy exploring!


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