Morton Place Horta: Our Neighborhood Favorites

Maison Communale de Saint Gilles on a sunny day

As we eagerly finalize Morton Place Horta -we have had more than a few coffees, lunches and end of day drinks to give you our tips of where to go! 

Morning Brews and Sunny Afternoons: La Biche vs. La Pompe?

Steps  from the front door of the new Morton Place, we have two charming cafés to choose from for morning coffee or evening glass of wine. 

Café la Biche overlooking Place Van Meenen


La Biche 

For fans of mid century modern style, the vintage tiles, leather seats and wood details of the beautiful café La Biche is a must visit. A perfect café for bringing your laptop while sipping a cup of coffee, or enjoying a glass of wine while waiting for the food truck market to open up just across the street on Monday evenings. 

Café la Biche Place Van Meenen 1 1060 – Bruxelles

Café La Pompe – perfect for a sunny day


La Pompe 

Set up in a former petrol station, La Pompe features a roll up glass wall which they throw open at the slightest ray of sunshine. Populated by art students busy finishing sketches before heading to class, this café is gritty in all the right ways and represents all that we love about St Gilles. 

Café La Pompe Chau. de Waterloo 211 1060 Saint-Gilles


Culinary Delights Just Steps Away: 

Young chefs enjoy the more affordable rents and enthusiastic 30-something foody crowd of St Gilles to try out new concepts. Although a lot of the restaurants are reservation free – which can be annoying on a busy weekend night, lunch time and mid-week evening tables are easier to come by. For weekends, best to arrive when they open or risk being turned away. 

Farm to table meals at Le 203


Le 203

Reservation free with a single daily menu based on the freshest market ingredients, le 203 has become the temporary cantine for the design team of the Horta house. We are often the first ones there for the lunch seating and have never been disappointed. The menu changes every Tuesday based on the chefs’ inspiration, offering a choice of starters, 3 main courses (meat, fish, vegetarian), and 2 desserts (around 44 euros).

Le 203 Chau. de Waterloo 203, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium

Belgian specialties at Fernand Obb

Fernand Obb 


This bustling casual deli is popular with families and groups with plenty of tables and outdoor seating.  The menu features fresh, authentic versions of typical Belgian bar food such as fricadelle (don’t ask what’s in it, just enjoy it!) and their award winning Shrimp Croquettes. Fantastic wines and a wide selection of beers (Belge of course) round out the offering. 

Le Fernand Obb 27 rue des Tamines 1060 Saint Gilles 

Calmos – wine bar with delicious home made tapas



This tiny wine bar has an inviting mix of natural wines and craft beers, complemented by delicious homemade snacks. It’s the perfect venue to unwind and soak in the end of day sun (when there is some!). Enjoy the view of the Place Morichar, with its skateboarders and basketball enthusiasts. 

Calmos  Rue de Tamines 1, 1060 Saint-Gilles




A cheerful newcomer to the neighborhood serving all day breakfast and a diner style menu, this is where we go the morning after the night before… bangers and mash, beans on toast and scotch egg!


Rascal’s Rue de Savoie 34, 1060 Saint-Gilles


We are so enjoying getting to know the area around Place Van Meenen, every week there is a new restaurant or café to discover. We are really excited to be able to share it with our new joiners at Morton Place Horta. 


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