Morton Place Horta: Sneak Peek

Colorful Inspiration

As we get ready to share Morton Place Horta with you, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at what we are working on to make this house unique. We are in the final, most exciting parts of the preparation of Morton Place Horta  as the floors are sanded and painted, the walls have been primed to receive their final coats of paint and the bricks are being laid in the back patio.  All of our design choices take inspiration from our fabulous Art Nouveau windows. 

Colored paints  and wallpapers are going up! 

If you are familiar with our other homes, you know that color is a huge part of our signature look. When I first arrived in Brussels, I found myself in a boxy, white-walled rental flat with glaring overhead lights and a rock hard couch.  For a city so full of architectural character, my home was emphatically charm free. I wanted Morton Place to represent all of the warmth and coziness my business flat lacked. This House has three distinctive stained glass windows in Art Nouveau style which immediately set the tone for the colors of the house. 

Claudia takes the lead on this, choosing the yellows, greens and even some pink paint  and wallpapers for each bedroom and common space. Expect some bold choices for our three home offices, making perfect backdrops for video calls.
As always at Morton Place, we prefer to offer individual bathrooms. For this house, we’ve had a lot of fun with with colorful tiles and old fashioned sinks on pedestals, a modern twist on the Art Deco style. 

Common areas


This is really where the magic happens. Memories are made in the common spaces of MP, whether it’s a birthday party hosted in the basement, a BBQ in the back courtyard or an evening watching Eurovision in the living room. Isabelle is busy scouring the warehouses of her favorite furniture suppliers to select the best vintage pieces to bring character and comfort to our common areas. We’ve also brought back the fabulous velvet couches so successful at Morton Place Louise. 


Plenty of Work from Home  Space 

Everytime we enter the Houses, we notice that residents are working from everywhere. At Morton Place Louise residents like gathering at the dining table, each typing away or listening to a meeting on their headphones and stepping away to their rooms for calls. At Morton Place Chatelain the home offices are always in use and the privacy curtain for calls is a big hit. At Morton Place Horta we will have two offices with full privacy and roomy comfortable desks in the Suites.

What’s happening Next

In the coming weeks, we hope to get our stained glass windows back from restoration. The lovely team at Atelier Flores have been painstakingly relaying the colorful windows which give the house its cheerful aspect. Keep an eye on our Instagram for pictures of their installation (@mortonplacecoliving)


We hope to have given you a taste of what to expect at Morton Place Horta – sign up here to be the first to know when our previews of the house will begin!