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Our Favorite Gyms in Brussels

Wellness in Brussels

Discover the Best Gyms in Brussels – Morton Place Guide for Newcomers

Brussels houses a range of fitness options, from the upmarket luxurious options to affordable yet effective fitness centres. Gyms are also a great way to make new friends – once you settle into your routine you will recognize familiar faces attending at the same time or enjoying the same instructors as you. We bring you a well-curated list of gyms that offer the best of what Brussels has to offer at locations convenient to the EU quarter and where Morton Place residents live and like to go out. We recommend trying a day pass to see which environment suits you best and remember to read the fine print before signing any contract!

1. Aspria: Full service gym steps from the office
Located at a stone’s throw distance from the EU quarter, Aspria offers a premium fitness experience that extends beyond mere workouts. As an upmarket gym, it pampers its members with high-end facilities, a range of fitness classes in 5 different fitness rooms. If you love a class after a long day at work, or a quick workout during your lunch break this is the gym for you. The full service spa is an added bonus for extra pampering. If you are someone who enjoys a sprinkle of luxury and loads of classes to choose from, Aspria should be your go-to destination.

Our tip: Check out the fabulous indoor pool, the only one in the EU quarter!

2. Basic Fit: When Cheap and Cheerful fits the bill

If straightforward and budget-friendly is your fitness motto, Basic-Fit is your destination. Spread across various locations in the city, it offers a huge selection of solo or group workouts, ensuring that keeping fit becomes an integral part of your daily routine. Each gym has a neighborhood feel, with the staff greeting members by name. The music is amped up, the crowd is focused and the equipment is plentiful. As an added bonus, the proximity to Morton Place practically eliminates all excuses – there’s a Basic Fit within 200m of all our houses!

Our Tip: Check out Basic-Fit Ladies for a female-only environment that feels both empowering and intimate

3. Animo Studios: Chic Fitness with a Touch of Pampering
Animo Studios is the latest hotspot for fitness enthusiasts looking for a modern and stylish approach to health and wellness. This is a boutique fitness class experience where you attend classes or private training sessions only. Conveniently situated near Flagey, Louise, and Brugmann, the studios offer top-quality group classes in a range of popular styles – think yoga, pilates, general fitness, and cycling.

Fabulous music, beautiful surroundings and the best part? You don’t need to commit to a subscription. Their pay-as-you-go option makes it easy for you to dial up or down your commitment. These group classes are not only fun but also pack a punch, and spots fill up fast through their user-friendly app.

Treat yourself to a luxurious shower experience in their dressing areas, complete with exclusive beauty products and a calming ambiance. Animo Studios not only promises a challenging workout but a refreshing and pampering post-exercise routine.

Our Tip: For a perfect Sunday, try the Hot Yoga at the Brugmann location, followed by a nutritious brunch at the local favorite, Seven. It’s a delightful way to end your week!

4. Yoga Room: Find your Inner Peace
For those who are inclined towards a more reflective and calming fitness routine, we recommend the Yoga Room. A popular choice amongst yoga enthusiasts with a range of levels from beginners to experts, the Yoga Room offers a serene and welcoming environment where you can practice yoga under the guidance of experienced instructors. Classes are taught in English and French. The studios are chic and clean, with a friendly welcome staff and a soothing cup of herbal tea to settle you down. The formula is pay as you go, so no subscription services and there are hundreds of classes at all times of day. Whether you want early morning focus sessions or after work cool down there is always a class when you need it.

5. Corpus Studios Pilates: For specialised care in a friendly setting

Venture a bit closer to the EU quarter to find Corpus Pilates, a boutique gem focusing exclusively on Pilates classes, making it the most comprehensive choice in Brussels. Whether at their cosy studio near the EU quarter or the expansive specialised location near Flagey, you’ll find highly trained instructors guiding you through nuanced Pilates sessions, perfect for enthusiasts of all levels. It’s not just a fitness centre, but an insider’s choice for a boutique Pilates experience.

Our Tip: Friday evening classes are a perfect wind down after a week of work with the option to enjoy a glass at the nearby Place Flagey with friends or fellow pilates classmates.

Embarking on a new chapter in this city means more than just adapting to a new home—it’s about embracing a community filled with potential friendships and connections. In a new city, forming friendships can start with simple, shared experiences, and what better place to start than your local gym?

Here’s to staying fit, enjoying your time, and forging new friendships in Brussels!