Colorful Inspiration

As we get ready to share Morton Place Horta with you, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at what we are working on to make this house unique. We are in the final, most exciting parts of the preparation of Morton Place Horta  as the floors are sanded and painted, the walls have been primed to receive their final coats of paint and the bricks are being laid in the back patio.  All of our design choices take inspiration from our fabulous Art Nouveau windows. 

Colored paints  and wallpapers are going up! 

If you are familiar with our other homes, you know that color is a huge part of our signature look. When I first arrived in Brussels, I found myself in a boxy, white-walled rental flat with glaring overhead lights and a rock hard couch.  For a city so full of architectural character, my home was emphatically charm free. I wanted Morton Place to represent all of the warmth and coziness my business flat lacked. This House has three distinctive stained glass windows in Art Nouveau style which immediately set the tone for the colors of the house. 

Claudia takes the lead on this, choosing the yellows, greens and even some pink paint  and wallpapers for each bedroom and common space. Expect some bold choices for our three home offices, making perfect backdrops for video calls.
As always at Morton Place, we prefer to offer individual bathrooms. For this house, we’ve had a lot of fun with with colorful tiles and old fashioned sinks on pedestals, a modern twist on the Art Deco style. 

Common areas


This is really where the magic happens. Memories are made in the common spaces of MP, whether it’s a birthday party hosted in the basement, a BBQ in the back courtyard or an evening watching Eurovision in the living room. Isabelle is busy scouring the warehouses of her favorite furniture suppliers to select the best vintage pieces to bring character and comfort to our common areas. We’ve also brought back the fabulous velvet couches so successful at Morton Place Louise. 


Plenty of Work from Home  Space 

Everytime we enter the Houses, we notice that residents are working from everywhere. At Morton Place Louise residents like gathering at the dining table, each typing away or listening to a meeting on their headphones and stepping away to their rooms for calls. At Morton Place Chatelain the home offices are always in use and the privacy curtain for calls is a big hit. At Morton Place Horta we will have two offices with full privacy and roomy comfortable desks in the Suites.

What’s happening Next

In the coming weeks, we hope to get our stained glass windows back from restoration. The lovely team at Atelier Flores have been painstakingly relaying the colorful windows which give the house its cheerful aspect. Keep an eye on our Instagram for pictures of their installation (@mortonplacecoliving)


We hope to have given you a taste of what to expect at Morton Place Horta – sign up here to be the first to know when our previews of the house will begin! 



Ferris Wheel at Christmas Market in Ghent, Belgium

Holiday season 2023: Our favorite Christmas Markets


As the dark nights close in on Belgium and the rest of northern Europe, cozy christmas markets festooned with twinkling lights are a welcome destination.  At Morton Place, we have a couple of favorites which we have picked out, known for having  a nice mix of food and fun, with a couple of insider tips should you need to step away from the busy stalls.

Brussels Christmas Market: 24 November – 31 December 2023

The Grandest market in Brussels, this market takes place on the Grand Place and extends in the side street for food shops and fun activity stalls. A city wide favorite, it’s rarely too full  and the light show in the Grand Place is not to be missed.

Insider Tips:

– The light and sound show at Grand Place is a spectacle not to be missed. It paints a vibrant picture of the UNESCO world heritage site square every 30 minutes, lasting 10-15 minutes.

– The ice skating rink in front of Bourse and the majestic Ferris Wheel by Place Saint Catherine are must-visits.

– When you need a break,  the bar l’Archiduc*’ is the place to be. Nestled in Dansaertstraat, this legendary cocktail  bar is an oasis amidst the festive bustle.


-The heart of the festivities lies in Bourse and Sainte Chaterine areas.

How to Get There:

– The market is most easily accessible via Metro Bourse.

Ghent Christmas Market: 7 – 31 December 2023

Ghent is our favorite city day trip from Brussels. An energetic student town with a beautifully preserved historical inner city, the low key Christmas market is a great opportunity to discover this gem of a town.

The Experience:

-Belgium’s best-kept secret awaits! Ghent, with its beautiful canals and rich history, offers a charm that’s hard to rival. Unlike the museum-like vibe of Bruges, Ghent has a pulsating life, thanks to its 40,000-strong student population.

Insider Tips:

– For those who fancy roller skating, the Christmas roller rink at the City Pavillion is an ideal alternative to ice skating. And worry not about the weather, it’s covered!

– For a truly Ghent experience, head to ‘*t Dreupelkot*’ and savor a shot of Genever. With flavors ranging from mango and vanilla to the daring spicy variant, there’s something for everyone. Just remember, sip from the top!


-The Christmas market spreads from Sint-Baafsplein, through Botermarkt, and up to Klein Turkije, ending at Korenmarkt.

How to Get There:

– Direct trains from Brussels to Ghent take around 30 minutes. Once you arrive, it’s a short walk to the city center.

Insider Tips:

– Fancy roller skating? the Christmas roller rink at the City Pavillion is an ideal alternative to ice skating. And worry not about the weather, it’s covered!

For a truly Ghent experience, head to ‘t Dreupelkot’ and savor a shot of Genever. With flavors ranging from mango and vanilla to the daring spicy variant, there’s something for everyone. Just remember, sip from the top!

Aachen Christmas Market: 24 November – 23 December 2023

The Experience:

-A trip to Germany promises a festive experience like no other. The Aachen market, with its traditional *gluhwein*, printencookies, and the unique environment-friendly roller rink, is a winter wonderland in its own right.

How to Get There:

– Catch the ICE or Thalys from Brussels Midi station. The journey is roughly 1 hour 10 minutes.

Insider Tips:

– A must-try is the Aachener Printen, a local gingerbread cookie steeped in history.

– For those looking to try something other than gluhwein, the golden-hued Aachen Dom liqueur, adorned with the Cathedral’s image, is a treat.

– Don’t miss out on the Oecher Glühwein-Treffs, which takes pride in being the oldest gluhwein stall in the city since 1976.


The market is sprawled around the imposing Aachen Cathedral.


Don’t let the rain get you down! Every market, with its unique character and offerings, is an opportunity to get outside and share in one another’s holiday traditions. So, gather your friends and family, and dive deep into the festive spirit. Here’s to a joyous festive season! 🌟🎄

Wellness in Brussels

Discover the Best Gyms in Brussels – Morton Place Guide for Newcomers

Brussels houses a range of fitness options, from the upmarket luxurious options to affordable yet effective fitness centres. Gyms are also a great way to make new friends – once you settle into your routine you will recognize familiar faces attending at the same time or enjoying the same instructors as you. We bring you a well-curated list of gyms that offer the best of what Brussels has to offer at locations convenient to the EU quarter and where Morton Place residents live and like to go out. We recommend trying a day pass to see which environment suits you best and remember to read the fine print before signing any contract!

1. Aspria: Full service gym steps from the office
Located at a stone’s throw distance from the EU quarter, Aspria offers a premium fitness experience that extends beyond mere workouts. As an upmarket gym, it pampers its members with high-end facilities, a range of fitness classes in 5 different fitness rooms. If you love a class after a long day at work, or a quick workout during your lunch break this is the gym for you. The full service spa is an added bonus for extra pampering. If you are someone who enjoys a sprinkle of luxury and loads of classes to choose from, Aspria should be your go-to destination.

Our tip: Check out the fabulous indoor pool, the only one in the EU quarter!

2. Basic Fit: When Cheap and Cheerful fits the bill

If straightforward and budget-friendly is your fitness motto, Basic-Fit is your destination. Spread across various locations in the city, it offers a huge selection of solo or group workouts, ensuring that keeping fit becomes an integral part of your daily routine. Each gym has a neighborhood feel, with the staff greeting members by name. The music is amped up, the crowd is focused and the equipment is plentiful. As an added bonus, the proximity to Morton Place practically eliminates all excuses – there’s a Basic Fit within 200m of all our houses!

Our Tip: Check out Basic-Fit Ladies for a female-only environment that feels both empowering and intimate

3. Animo Studios: Chic Fitness with a Touch of Pampering
Animo Studios is the latest hotspot for fitness enthusiasts looking for a modern and stylish approach to health and wellness. This is a boutique fitness class experience where you attend classes or private training sessions only. Conveniently situated near Flagey, Louise, and Brugmann, the studios offer top-quality group classes in a range of popular styles – think yoga, pilates, general fitness, and cycling.

Fabulous music, beautiful surroundings and the best part? You don’t need to commit to a subscription. Their pay-as-you-go option makes it easy for you to dial up or down your commitment. These group classes are not only fun but also pack a punch, and spots fill up fast through their user-friendly app.

Treat yourself to a luxurious shower experience in their dressing areas, complete with exclusive beauty products and a calming ambiance. Animo Studios not only promises a challenging workout but a refreshing and pampering post-exercise routine.

Our Tip: For a perfect Sunday, try the Hot Yoga at the Brugmann location, followed by a nutritious brunch at the local favorite, Seven. It’s a delightful way to end your week!

4. Yoga Room: Find your Inner Peace
For those who are inclined towards a more reflective and calming fitness routine, we recommend the Yoga Room. A popular choice amongst yoga enthusiasts with a range of levels from beginners to experts, the Yoga Room offers a serene and welcoming environment where you can practice yoga under the guidance of experienced instructors. Classes are taught in English and French. The studios are chic and clean, with a friendly welcome staff and a soothing cup of herbal tea to settle you down. The formula is pay as you go, so no subscription services and there are hundreds of classes at all times of day. Whether you want early morning focus sessions or after work cool down there is always a class when you need it.

5. Corpus Studios Pilates: For specialised care in a friendly setting

Venture a bit closer to the EU quarter to find Corpus Pilates, a boutique gem focusing exclusively on Pilates classes, making it the most comprehensive choice in Brussels. Whether at their cosy studio near the EU quarter or the expansive specialised location near Flagey, you’ll find highly trained instructors guiding you through nuanced Pilates sessions, perfect for enthusiasts of all levels. It’s not just a fitness centre, but an insider’s choice for a boutique Pilates experience.

Our Tip: Friday evening classes are a perfect wind down after a week of work with the option to enjoy a glass at the nearby Place Flagey with friends or fellow pilates classmates.

Embarking on a new chapter in this city means more than just adapting to a new home—it’s about embracing a community filled with potential friendships and connections. In a new city, forming friendships can start with simple, shared experiences, and what better place to start than your local gym?

Here’s to staying fit, enjoying your time, and forging new friendships in Brussels!

Summer’s back in Brussels: Our Favorite Rooftop Hot Spots 

Sun’s out, fun’s out! Whether you’re in the mood for sunset cocktails or a weekend in the park with friends, soak up summer at some of our favorite rooftops. Most are tried and true Morton Place favorites, and others are hot spots we’ve recently discovered.  


Courtesy of The Hoxton

Tope at The Hoxton

Just a few months on the scene and  The Hoxton hotel’s rooftop restaurant Tope is already top! Head to this Mexican-inspired terrasse for an apéro afterwork if you’re at nearby Madou, or it’s the perfect place for glamorous cocktails if you happen to be enjoying an evening at the Botanique, either way it’s worth the detour!  The extensive bar menu includes all the classics, plus tequila & mezcal speciality cocktails to pair with trios of tacos  — from the al pastor, to the vegetarian Coliflor, and several variations of chicken, beef and shrimp. Tope is sure to prolong the memories of your summer holiday!  

Tope at The Hoxton, Square Victoria Régina 1, 1210 Brussels  

Mon-Thurs 17:00 to midnight // Fri-Sat 15:00 to 01:00 // Sun 15:00 to midnight

Courtesy of Jam Hotel



Perché is a long-time MP Chatelain house favorite so make it your neighborhood bar all summer long too! Perched on the roof of the nearby JAM hotel, we can attest that Perché is the ultimate staycation location. The brave will take a dip in the pool while sipping a signature cocktail (can we say Thym Sour and Pineapple Daiquiri anyone?!) Or just tuck into bar snacks while admiring your neighborhood from a new vantage point. Perche? Pourquoi, pas? 


Perché at the JAM Hotel, 6th Floor, Chaussée de Charleroi 132, 1060 Saint Gilles

Everyday from 17:00 to 01:00 

Courtesy of Albert


Libraries aren’t just for reading, especially at the Royal Library of Belgium. So, ditch the books and head to the sprawling 2200 m2 rooftop terrasse for a Brussels experience like no other. While the hours are limited to align with the bibliothèque, maybe you can duck out of work early to catch the incredible views with a beverage & snack in hand. Or bring your laptop along and keep workingat one of the many comfortable spaces! Best of all you can book a table here for weekend brunch too. 


Albert, KBR Building, 5th Floor, Mont des Arts 28, 1000 Brussels

Everyday from 9:00 to 17:00

Courtesy of Warwick Hotel

Secret Rooftop Bar

While it’s not so secret anymore, The Warwick hotel’s rooftop is still worth shouting about. Morton Place residents have long imbibed from the bar’s classic and signature cocktails, and  bubbles, beer and softs. While a destination on its own, this high-in-the-sky sojourn could be the perfect first stop on an evening out downtown. Escape the bustle of central Brussels with views of the Grand Place from this iconic vantage point. 


Secret Rooftop Bar at the Warwick Hotel, rue Duquesnoy 5, 1000 Brussels

Mon-Sat 17:00 to 23:00 // Sun 16:00 to 22:00


Our favorite picnic spots, walking distance to Morton Place


Brussels is full of beautiful green spaces for taking advantage of the summer sun. Luckily Morton Place is near it all! Grab a group of friends, or plan a romantic rendez-vous for two, and enjoy what our residents consider the best of the best public parks nearby. 


Bois de la Cambre

The Bois de la Cambre is the ultimate outdoor space somewhat close to Morton Place. It’s definitely worth the extra effort to get there, either by planning a long-ish walk or via scooter, bike, or public transport. Boasting an expanse of grassy fields, forest areas and walking & biking trails lining the southern part of Brussels you can always find a shady spot under the trees or stake your claim to a sunny patch by the lake.

Perhaps you’d prefer to pack your own picnic for an afternoon in the park, but if dining out is your thing, check out Woodpecker and Le Kiosque for casual fare like sandwiches and snacks. If you’re up for a mini adventure, jump on the ferry boat shuttle to Chalet Robinson where you can dine more formally in the restaurant — or plop down in a canvas lounger on the lawn and watch the paddle boaters go by.


Our favorite place for quick bites and cool drinks is Le Kiosque. This cheerful, self service café has some impromptu jazz nights during the summer and keeps its terrace full of young punters satisfied with generous drinks, decent enough food and lovely staff.

Check out the individual websites for exact locations and hours.



Parc du Cinquantenaire

Maybe you work near the European Quarter or just want a change of scenery…Parc du Cinquantenaire offers a majestic backdrop for picnicking. Surrounded by a panoramic arcade built to commemorate the 50th year of Belgium’s independence, the park features a long esplanade and ample space for spreading out to enjoy a Brussels sunset. If you’re up for some culture, pop into the Military, Auto and Art History museums surrounding the park, watch the calendar for a myriad of events, or just pick up a variety of goodies from the numerous specialty food & drink shops nearby and park yourself in the grass. 

Parc de Forest – Park van Vorst
© – Jean-Paul Remy – 2019

Forest Park

Forest is the closest walking distance park from our Morton Place homes, which means it’s an easy go-to destination for lazy summer days. The vast open areas make for perfect picnic spots, kicking around the football, tossing a frisbee, or just meandering amid the beautiful flower beds and foliage. Swing by the myriad of shops along the way to fill up your picnic basket – create your own from the Carrefour Market at Chaussee d’Alsemberg or go for pre-made goodies from some of our favorites like Himalayan dumplings from Mo Mo and creative rice paper rolls from Knees to Chin.

Place Louis Morichar Park

For super-local green space, well off the beaten track and  just 400 meters from your front door, head over to Place Louis Morichar. A quintessential city park, where basketballers and skateboarders unite, you’ll also find it a perfect go-to spot for summer sundowners and picnics, always packed with fellow neighbors when the weather is nice. 

The Ixelles Ponds & Gardens of the Abbaye de la Cambre 

Just a hop, skip & jump from Morton Place you’ll find an idyllic location for picnicking amid the bustle of popular Place Flagey. If you go on Saturday or Sunday, hit the famous Flagey market, easily accessible on the 81 tram from Lombardie. On other days, combine an afternoon apéro or morning espresso on the sprawling terrace of red chairs at Cafe Belga — and then make your way along the Ixelles ponds and up through the Abbey and surrounding gardens.


Favorite Coffee Shops Around Saint-Gilles 

We’ve updated our list to include our favorite newcomers to the neighborhood! 

Whether it’s a quick cappuccino to start the day or a powerful pour-over to get you through the afternoon, here’s a list of some of our favorite coffee shops within walking distance of Morton Place.

Enjoy discovering our favorite haunts!


Organic & vegetal coffee bar that offers a fun menu of coffees, teas, fresh juices and other homemade drinks, plus all-day breakfast, vegan lunches, and tons of tasty treats. According to the must-read Brussels Kitchen’s sweet review, Alchimist cafe — with its huge brick wall, overflowing bookshelf, warm-vibes and vintage decor — feels like you’ve stepped into a cozy apartment. You get the picture. And you’ll love the coffee. 

Rue de Savoie 59, 1060 Saint-Gilles
Mon-Fri 7:30 to 15:00 // Sat & Sun 10:00 to 15:00


Coffee at l'Alchimiste Brussels

Image courtesy of l’Alchimiste

Belga & Co

This small-but-mighty speciality coffee shop on bustling rue du Bailli is perfect for grabbing a coffee-to-go. Or plant yourself for a while within the deep cacao-colored space for a ‘cuppa’ made with beans roasted weekly at their Antwerp-based roastery. Check out the small menu of savory and sweet bites and if you’re lucky enough for a sunny day, grab a seat on the adorable terrace in front or out back in the garden. 

Rue du Bailli 7A, 1000 Brussels
Mon-Fri 8:00 to 18:00 // Sat & Sun 9:00 to 18:00

Image courtesy of Belga & Co

Buddy Buddy

What do you get when two buddies from France and New Zealand team up in Brussels? One fabulous nut butter & coffee community that’s not to be missed! Buddy Buddy is fully plant-based and creates coffee concoctions that celebrate the organic, speciality nut-butters created in-house. From the keto-friendly “Bulletproof” to the decadent “Le Buddy” & “Praline Mocha,” Buddy Buddy also showcases a variety of iced, batch-brew, plus non-coffee options, making it a must-visit favorite among locals, celebrities, and visiting dignitaries. Run, don’t walk to one of the hottest spots in town! (Hint: it’s just up the street from the Apple Store).

 Rue des Drapiers 10, 1050 Ixelles 
Open everyday 9:00 to 18:00 (closed on Christmas Day)


Image courtesy of Buddy Buddy


While the name conjures up remote spaces, this Hinterland is anything but. Buzzy and hip, Hinterland is an independent specialty coffee bar that serves brunch, breakfast and lunch all day. Vintage tile, light wood accents, exposed brick, and good lighting combine to make this corner spot an instant neighborhood fav. Add in the delectable menu featuring bowls, pancakes, eggs, savory toasts… the list goes on and you might never leave!

Chaussée de Charleroi 179, 1060 Saint-Gilles
Mon-Fri 8:00 to 16:00 // Sat & Sun 9:00-17:00 // closed Wed


Image courtesy of Hinterland


Enjoy a range of your favorite specialty and filtered coffees paired with a seasonal, locally-sourced menu. You’ll taste the difference in all of Kami’s quality offerings — with their organic beans roasted at Kolonel Coffee in Antwerp — and feel at home in the brightly decorated space. You could say it’s zen all around. 

Chaussée de Waterloo, 355, 1060 Saint-Gilles
Tue-Fri 8:30 to 16:00 // Sat 10:00 to 17:00 // closed Sun & Mon

Image courtesy of Kami

Welcome to the neighborhood of Morton Place Chatelain

You’ll be spoiled for culinary choice living at Morton Place Chatelain — take a quick walk in any direction and you’ll find foodie gems ranging from brunch to burritos to baked goodies. Our St. Gilles neighborhood retains its local and eclectic character, which is why so many of the hottest spots in Brussels also choose to call it home. Here’s our quick guide for exploring some of the city’s best bites, right on your doorstep!

Coffe shop hinterland MP chatelain

Our Local Favorite Coffee & Brunch Spot – Hinterland

While the name conjures up remote spaces, this Hinterland is anything but. Cozy and warm, buzzy and hip, Hinterland is an independent specialty coffee bar that serves brunch, breakfast and lunch all day. Swing by for a coffee to go, or get comfortable with an organic meal in one of the lovely nooks. Vintage tile, light wood accents, exposed brick, and good lighting combine to make this corner spot an instant neighborhood fav. Add in the delectable menu featuring bowls, pancakes, eggs, savory toasts… the list goes on and you might never leave! Chaussée de Charleroi 179, 1060 | Open weekdays 8:00-16:00; Sa/Su 9;00-17:00; closed Wednesdays.


Best Bread & Bakery – Blond


Blond is the quintessential neighborhood boulangerie. Its name references the color of wheat and also the golden hue of freshly baked bread. Here you’ll find gorgeous baguettes, high quality bread loaves in a variety of flavors, freshly baked pastries and a range of tartes, tartines and sandwiches depending on the day. The line out front just means the goodies are worth waiting for! 

Chaussée de Charleroi 142, 1060 | Open T-F 7:00 – 19:00; Sa 7:00 – 16:00; Su 7:00 – 14:00; closed Mondays

Organic Everything With a Mission – The Barn Bio Market


The Barn Bio Market in St. Gilles has everything you need to stock up at home when you don’t feel like eating out. You’ll find a huge selection of bulk items and a rainbow of seasonal produce, curated cheeses & meats, serve-yourself olive oils, juices, spreads, beverages, cereals, pasta and so much more. The Barn Bio Market puts into practice what it preaches – providing sustainable, organic, seasonal, varied products that empower local and regional suppliers. So when you shop at The Barn, you’ll feel good about eating well! 

Chaussée de Charleroi 92, 1060 | Open M 13:00 – 19:30; T-Sa 10:00 – 19:30; Su 8:00 – 11:45

Fresh, Fast, Mexican Food – Donki

Have a craving for comfort food? Want to transport your tastebuds to a sunnier spot? Don’t miss the tacos, burritos, salads, bowls and nachos at Donki, your local casita for delicious Mexican food. You’ll find menu offerings for everyone – vegetarians, vegans and meat-lovers alike!

Guacamole, salsa and queso shine on this menu too. Dine in, takeaway or have this local taste of Mexico delivered right to your door. 

Chaussée de Charleroi 66A, 1060 | Open M-Sa 12:00 – 14:30 and 17:30 – 22:00.

Treats For Your Sweet Tooth – Coco Donuts


If you think you’ve tried donuts, think again! Coco Donuts are works of art, full of fun and based on a classic brioche recipe. Founded in 2016, Coco is the first handmade gourmet donut shop in Belgium, with small batches made fresh daily. As delicious to eat as they are beautiful to look at, flavors run the gamut from more than ten types of chocolate combinations to fruity fantasies to cereal and candy topped confections. You’ll also find cookies, cronuts (yes, a mix between a croissant and a donut!), cakes, coffee, and a variety of customized dessert options. 

Chaussée de Charleroi 168, 1060 | Open M-Sa 9:00 – 18:00; Su 10:00 – 18:00.


Best Gym on the Block – Basic Fit


It’s a good thing there’s a gym nearby with all of this eating! Basic Fit St. Gilles is a full service gym complete with cardio machines, spinning programs, weights, classes, and personal trainers available. While this location is super convenient — just up the street from Morton Place — one benefit of Basic Fit is that you can use any of their gyms in town. Visit Basic Fit online or stop by in person to learn more about their different subscriptions and programs. Chaussée de Charleroi 146/15, 1060 | Open M-F 8:00 – 22:30; Sa/Su 9:00 – 16:00.

Jeune Femmes souriantes avec un verre a la main en soirée organisée a Bruxelles

Shared experiences in Brussels’ coliving for international professionals

Can You See Yourself at Morton Place?


We hope you’ll join our Morton Place community! As a resident in one of our homes it’s our mission to help you settle into Brussels while delivering you the unique benefits of a chic, all-inclusive, coliving environment. Feel free to reach out anytime!


Coliving is becoming a more popular choice for adults looking for easy and sociable living arrangements. Nostalgic for their student days, but needing a more grown up approach, coliving offers the social advantages of communal living without some of its drawbacks. If you’re thinking about the best way to find somewhere to live that offers you all that you need from a private and a social point of view, coliving might be right for you.

What is Coliving?

Coliving is a growing housing trend focused on shared living. Depending on the residence, shared spaces can range from cinema rooms, gyms or offices or as intimate as shared bathrooms and dorm style bedrooms. The range is broad so it’s important to figure out which coliving version is best for you. But it’s not just a type of living arrangement; it’s also a lifestyle with residents choosing coliving for its social aspects. Most residents could just as easily afford independent accommodation, but they choose coliving for it’s social and service aspects. Coliving can offer you a range of benefits, from fun spaces for spending time with others to community events, to housekeeping and maintenance services.

New to town?

Most of the residents at Morton Place are new to Brussels; without friends or a social network, life can be quite lonely outside of work. Coliving means you come home to a friendly face in the common areas, most often someone who just a few months before was new to town, just like you.

Everything provided for

One of the benefits of Coliving is that everything is in place for you when you move in. Everything that you could need is there, including furniture, a fully stocked kitchen and the all important Wifi. There’s no need to furnish anything, although you can personalise your space. All of your amenities and utilities will be included too, so you don’t have to spend time sorting out your electricity provider or getting your WiFi hooked up. It’s all ready for you to move in when you’re ready so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Help with maintenance and cleaning

In coliving arrangements like those found in Morton Place houses, you don’t even need to worry about maintaining your living space. Regular cleaning services help to keep common areas clean, so the most important thing you have to take care of is your own room and en-suite shower. Even light maintenance is taken care of, because lots of things can be expected to happen, from bust light bulbs to small amounts of wear and tear. You get a beautifully designed living space, and it will stay looking smart for however long you decide you want to stay. Things will get fixed during the day while residents are at work. Houses have guest rooms so residents can benefit from having friends and family come and stay.

Best neighborhoods

Morton Place homes are in the more desirable areas of Brussels. Residents staying at Morton Place Chatelain can enjoy the Wednesday night food trucks on the Place du Chatelain, summer evenings on the rooftop of the Jam Hotelor  brunch with our neighbours, Hinterland. At our Louise and Parvis houses, residents enjoy drinks on the terrace at Brasserie Verschueren, Italian food at CiPiaCeor brunch at Le Café Dillens, as well as late-night DJs at Café Maison du Peuple. The small, boutique restaurants and shops are the key to making neighborhoods feel like home, and we have chosen some of the best Brussels has to offer.

Outside sitting area of a café in the Parvis Saint Gilles Neighborhood in Brussels

Be part of a community

As well as providing spaces for socialising, Coliving can help you to become part of a community. Coliving spaces can provide events, social groups, activities and other ways to get involved with a community both within your building and out in the wider community too. Some coliving spaces have community programs on offer, while others can even provide benefits such as childcare. At Morton Place, we recognise that your home is also a refuge, not another office, so we don’t organise events in the house unless it’s a welcome drink. We let our residents organise their lives spontaneously and find the events they organise themselves are the most successful. With the growth of the coliving world, we expect it to increasingly cater to different demographics both in terms of family sizes and ages.

Coliving can be an excellent option for people looking for sociable living with lots of perks. If you want to be part of a community and live somewhere that’s full of life, coliving could work for you. Morton Place offers three beautiful houses in Brussels that provide a welcoming community and well-appointed spaces for both long and short-term rentals.