Our top 5 picnic spots, walking distance to Morton Place


Brussels is full of beautiful green spaces for taking advantage of the summer sun. Luckily Morton Place is near it all! Grab a group of friends, or plan a romantic rendez-vous for two, and enjoy what our residents consider the best of the best public parks nearby. 


Bois de la Cambre

The Bois de la Cambre is the ultimate outdoor space somewhat close to Morton Place. It’s definitely worth the extra effort to get there, either by planning a long-ish walk or via scooter, bike, or public transport. Boasting an expanse of grassy fields, forest areas and walking & biking trails lining the southern part of Brussels you can always find a shady spot under the trees or stake your claim to a sunny patch by the lake.

If you’re up for a mini adventure, jump on the ferry boat shuttle to Chalet Robinson where you can dine more formally in the restaurant — or plop down in a canvas lounger on the lawn and watch the paddle boaters go by.


Insider Tip:

Our favorite place for quick bites and cool drinks is Le Kiosque. This cheerful, self service café has some impromptu jazz nights during the summer and keeps its terrace full of young punters satisfied with generous drinks, decent enough food and lovely staff.



Parc du Cinquantenaire

Maybe you work near the European Quarter or just want a change of scenery…Parc du Cinquantenaire offers a majestic backdrop for picnicking. Surrounded by a panoramic arcade built to commemorate the 50th year of Belgium’s independence, the park features a long esplanade and ample space for spreading out to enjoy a Brussels sunset. If you’re up for some culture, pop into the Military, Auto and Art History museums surrounding the park, watch the calendar for a myriad of events, or just pick up a variety of goodies from the numerous specialty food & drink shops nearby and park yourself in the grass. 

Parc de Forest – Park van Vorst
© visit.brussels – Jean-Paul Remy – 2019

Forest Park

Forest is the closest walking distance park from our Morton Place homes, which means it’s an easy go-to destination for lazy summer days. The vast open areas make for perfect picnic spots, kicking around the football, tossing a frisbee, or just meandering amid the beautiful flower beds and foliage. Swing by the myriad of shops along the way to fill up your picnic basket – create your own from the Carrefour Market at Chaussee d’Alsemberg or go for pre-made goodies from some of our favorites like Himalayan dumplings from Mo Mo and creative rice paper rolls from Knees to Chin.

Insider Tips: Our favorite area of this park is on the corner of ave des Villas and ave de la Savoie, a quieter, tree covered area with weeping willows and secret park benches.



Place Louis Morichar Park

For super-local green space, well off the beaten track and  just meters from Morton Place, head over to Place Louis Morichar. A quintessential city park, where basketballers and skateboarders unite, you’ll also find it a perfect go-to spot for summer sundowners and picnics, always packed with fellow neighbors when the weather is nice. 

The Ixelles Ponds & Gardens of the Abbaye de la Cambre 

Just a hop, skip & jump from Morton Place you’ll find an idyllic location for picnicking amid the bustle of popular Place Flagey. If you go on Saturday or Sunday, hit the famous Flagey market, easily accessible on the 81 tram from Lombardie. On other days, combine an afternoon apéro or morning espresso on the sprawling terrace of red chairs at Cafe Belga — and then make your way along the Ixelles ponds and up through the Abbey and surrounding gardens.


Maison Communale de Saint Gilles on a sunny day

As we eagerly finalize Morton Place Horta -we have had more than a few coffees, lunches and end of day drinks to give you our tips of where to go! 

Morning Brews and Sunny Afternoons: La Biche vs. La Pompe?

Steps  from the front door of the new Morton Place, we have two charming cafés to choose from for morning coffee or evening glass of wine. 

Café la Biche overlooking Place Van Meenen


La Biche 

For fans of mid century modern style, the vintage tiles, leather seats and wood details of the beautiful café La Biche is a must visit. A perfect café for bringing your laptop while sipping a cup of coffee, or enjoying a glass of wine while waiting for the food truck market to open up just across the street on Monday evenings. 

Café la Biche Place Van Meenen 1 1060 – Bruxelles

Café La Pompe – perfect for a sunny day


La Pompe 

Set up in a former petrol station, La Pompe features a roll up glass wall which they throw open at the slightest ray of sunshine. Populated by art students busy finishing sketches before heading to class, this café is gritty in all the right ways and represents all that we love about St Gilles. 

Café La Pompe Chau. de Waterloo 211 1060 Saint-Gilles


Culinary Delights Just Steps Away: 

Young chefs enjoy the more affordable rents and enthusiastic 30-something foody crowd of St Gilles to try out new concepts. Although a lot of the restaurants are reservation free – which can be annoying on a busy weekend night, lunch time and mid-week evening tables are easier to come by. For weekends, best to arrive when they open or risk being turned away. 

Farm to table meals at Le 203


Le 203

Reservation free with a single daily menu based on the freshest market ingredients, le 203 has become the temporary cantine for the design team of the Horta house. We are often the first ones there for the lunch seating and have never been disappointed. The menu changes every Tuesday based on the chefs’ inspiration, offering a choice of starters, 3 main courses (meat, fish, vegetarian), and 2 desserts (around 44 euros).

Le 203 Chau. de Waterloo 203, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium

Belgian specialties at Fernand Obb

Fernand Obb 


This bustling casual deli is popular with families and groups with plenty of tables and outdoor seating.  The menu features fresh, authentic versions of typical Belgian bar food such as fricadelle (don’t ask what’s in it, just enjoy it!) and their award winning Shrimp Croquettes. Fantastic wines and a wide selection of beers (Belge of course) round out the offering. 

Le Fernand Obb 27 rue des Tamines 1060 Saint Gilles 

Calmos – wine bar with delicious home made tapas



This tiny wine bar has an inviting mix of natural wines and craft beers, complemented by delicious homemade snacks. It’s the perfect venue to unwind and soak in the end of day sun (when there is some!). Enjoy the view of the Place Morichar, with its skateboarders and basketball enthusiasts. 

Calmos  Rue de Tamines 1, 1060 Saint-Gilles




A cheerful newcomer to the neighborhood serving all day breakfast and a diner style menu, this is where we go the morning after the night before… bangers and mash, beans on toast and scotch egg!


Rascal’s Rue de Savoie 34, 1060 Saint-Gilles


We are so enjoying getting to know the area around Place Van Meenen, every week there is a new restaurant or café to discover. We are really excited to be able to share it with our new joiners at Morton Place Horta. 


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Summer’s back in Brussels: Our Favorite Rooftop Hot Spots 

Sun’s out, fun’s out! Whether you’re in the mood for sunset cocktails or a weekend in the park with friends, soak up summer at some of our favorite rooftops. Most are tried and true Morton Place favorites, and others are hot spots we’ve recently discovered.  


Courtesy of The Hoxton

Tope at The Hoxton

Just a few months on the scene and  The Hoxton hotel’s rooftop restaurant Tope is already top! Head to this Mexican-inspired terrasse for an apéro afterwork if you’re at nearby Madou, or it’s the perfect place for glamorous cocktails if you happen to be enjoying an evening at the Botanique, either way it’s worth the detour!  The extensive bar menu includes all the classics, plus tequila & mezcal speciality cocktails to pair with trios of tacos  — from the al pastor, to the vegetarian Coliflor, and several variations of chicken, beef and shrimp. Tope is sure to prolong the memories of your summer holiday!  

Tope at The Hoxton, Square Victoria Régina 1, 1210 Brussels  

Mon-Thurs 17:00 to midnight // Fri-Sat 15:00 to 01:00 // Sun 15:00 to midnight

Courtesy of Jam Hotel



Perché is a long-time MP Chatelain house favorite so make it your neighborhood bar all summer long too! Perched on the roof of the nearby JAM hotel, we can attest that Perché is the ultimate staycation location. The brave will take a dip in the pool while sipping a signature cocktail (can we say Thym Sour and Pineapple Daiquiri anyone?!) Or just tuck into bar snacks while admiring your neighborhood from a new vantage point. Perche? Pourquoi, pas? 


Perché at the JAM Hotel, 6th Floor, Chaussée de Charleroi 132, 1060 Saint Gilles

Everyday from 17:00 to 01:00 

Courtesy of Albert


Libraries aren’t just for reading, especially at the Royal Library of Belgium. So, ditch the books and head to the sprawling 2200 m2 rooftop terrasse for a Brussels experience like no other. While the hours are limited to align with the bibliothèque, maybe you can duck out of work early to catch the incredible views with a beverage & snack in hand. Or bring your laptop along and keep workingat one of the many comfortable spaces! Best of all you can book a table here for weekend brunch too. 


Albert, KBR Building, 5th Floor, Mont des Arts 28, 1000 Brussels

Everyday from 9:00 to 17:00

Courtesy of Warwick Hotel

Secret Rooftop Bar

While it’s not so secret anymore, The Warwick hotel’s rooftop is still worth shouting about. Morton Place residents have long imbibed from the bar’s classic and signature cocktails, and  bubbles, beer and softs. While a destination on its own, this high-in-the-sky sojourn could be the perfect first stop on an evening out downtown. Escape the bustle of central Brussels with views of the Grand Place from this iconic vantage point. 


Secret Rooftop Bar at the Warwick Hotel, rue Duquesnoy 5, 1000 Brussels

Mon-Sat 17:00 to 23:00 // Sun 16:00 to 22:00


Moving to Brussels: What to Expect Bienvenue! Welkom! Willkommen! No matter how you say it, if you’ve decided to move to Brussels, welcome to your new adventure! 

Maybe you’ve visited this vibrant city before, and if so, you have a small taste of all the things that make Brussels so great — even beyond the beer, frites, mussels, chocolate, and waffles. But living in Brussels is a much different experience than a short city break. Thousands of people move to this amazing city every year – and it’s easy to see why. There’s a lot to get excited about so keep reading for the inside scoop on living your best life day-to-day, plus some administrative tips for making Brussels your new home.

What to expect from Brussels life

Languages in Belgium 

Belgium has three national languages: French, Dutch, and German. French dominates the Brussels scene, but the capital city is officially bilingual along with Dutch. You’ll probably notice that all the street names are written in French and Dutch, along with food & package labeling, advertising, public transport, and lots of other day-to-day communication. The German language will prevail only if you venture to a small corner of eastern Belgium. 

Luckily for the plethora of expats who call Brussels home, language education is excellent in Belgium so most locals speak English without any trouble. In fact, most websites and public transport stations all tend to have things written in English so communicating won’t be an issue! 

And if you have the time and interest to learn a new language yourself, here’s a list of language schools in the Brussels region.

Making Friends in Brussels

Brussels welcomes around 40,000 newcomers every year. Loads of people come here because so many European institutions and companies are based in this city. So there are plenty of jobs around – particularly in service areas like law, PR, and consulting. As a result, Brussels is a fairly busy city and quite a youthful one too. One of the best parts of living in this vibrant capital is meeting new friends from all over the world! You’ll mix with a multitude of expats out at networking events, bars, coffee shops, food markets, restaurants, concerts, local events and just walking around the city. Expect to mingle with plenty of international professionals in all facets of your daily life, many of whom have probably emigrated from other countries like you.

Weather in Brussels

Belgium has a special weather reputation, right? Grey, rainy, blah. In realty, there’s more to Belgian weather than this unfortunate stereotype! Yes, the one thing you can count on is rain – but it’s not all day, everyday. Sometimes it even hails for added excitement! In general, the temperature is mild all year round, and you’ll likely see beautiful sunny spells in the late spring, summer and even into fall. Some summer days are downright hot, so you might even escape to the Belgian coast. The winter months aren’t unbearable either; snow can fall, but the temperatures rarely drop too far below freezing. Pro tip: it’s best to invest in a small umbrella to keep in your bag since Brussels always seems to play tricks on the weather apps!

Now, when you arrive in Brussels, there are various admin tasks you need to concern yourself with. We’re talking about financial admin, registration, figuring out how to get around, and so on. Bearing that in mind, here’s what you can expect:

Current Covid Regulations in Brussels

As you can imagine, Covid regulations change constantly. While we are currently experiencing minimal impact to daily life in Brussels, it’s a good idea to check the region’s official Covid site for the most up to date information. You’ll find answers to all your questions regarding Covid certificates, vaccines & boosters, testing sites, pharmacies and more.

How to Register at the Commune: Registering Your Residency

As you may know, Brussels consists of 19 separate communes, or municipalities. Belgian law requires that most adults register with the commune where they reside if planning to stay longer than three months. 

Head over to our step by step guide on how to register your residency. 

Two key points to keep in mind when planning your move to Brussels: 

When landlords say you can register or “domicile” with your lease that means you can register to live in Brussels legally. If you have seen the term “non-domiciliation,” you can’t register to live legally at that address and might want to reconsider housing options. 

Residents of non-EU member states will need to apply for a visa prior to requesting residency. Most likely your employer has already finalized this process, which includes work permits and necessary applications. 

Online Services: Staying Connected 

At Morton Place, you’ll be up and running with wifi and Internet services in no time. But if you need to start from e-scratch, update your mobile phone service, or require other online necessities, you’ll find a slew of spots in Brussels to stay connected. Visit companies like Proximus, Orange, Telenet, Base, and Mobile Vikings for internet and mobile subscriptions, prepaid & SIM cards, products and more. Pop into the Apple store for all the latest & greatest gadgets, centrally located near Avenue Louise. 



Public Transportation in Brussels: Get Around Town in Public…

The public transport network in Brussels offers swift and reliable options for getting around town. Take your pick of trams, buses, and the metro depending  on where you are and where you want to go. You can even check your commute time at the interactive transport site STIB-MIVB and also find the fastest way to get from point A to B in this bustling city. 

Our Morton Place properties are very close to public transport stations, so we highly recommend using them for easy and reliable service. 

We recommend you order a MoBiB card online, as this is the easiest way to pay for public transport. You can top it up with as much money as you need, and it can be used to pay for all of the public transport operators in Belgium. These days, you can also use contactless credit or debit card to pay on board however as of this writing, it is more expensive to pay for a ride with contactless than via a MoBiB card. 

…Or Ride Alone in Private!

Brussels has seriously embraced alternative personal mobility. We’ve highlighted some of the more popular options below, but check out this complete list of mobility options ranging from electric kick scooters to private car shares. 

Electric (kick) scooter and ebike sharing services have taken over almost every corner of this city! While there is some controversy regarding safety and parking, these personal transport options, accessible via app, are extremely popular and very useful for zipping around. Brands like DOTT and Bolt offer both ebikes and scooters, while Lime, Voi, Bird and Tier have hundreds of scooters available.

Swapfiets lets you pay a monthly fee for your own personal electric bike — a great choice for shorter commutes and freedom on the weekends. 

Traditional bicycle shares like Villo! make it easy to ride from one fixed point to another with flexible payment options. 

Want to feel the wind in your hair? Well, under your helmet at least. Sign up for Felyx, the electric moped service that’s as fun as it is useful. 

Car sharing providers like Cambio and Poppy allow you to pick up a car at a station or within a zone and deliver it back when you’re done. 

Uber has experienced an ongoing legal battle here in Brussels, but currently the cars are running and it’s easy to order (and even pre-book) a pickup.  

If you have a private car, your lease at Morton Place qualifies you for a resident’s parking permit which you can obtain from the commune.

Shopping for Home Goods: Deck out Your Space with the Finishing Touches 

You will find plenty of shops in Brussels with the essentials for making your new space a home. If you just need to pick up a few toiletries, you’ll find mini markets like Proxy and Carrefour Express dotted around the city. 

If home decor, bedding, towels, novelty items and household appliances are on your list, add HEMA, Zara Home, H&M Home and Casa to the mix. All of these shops are within walking distance of Morton Place for you to explore. There are also two IKEAs around Brussels, for added retail therapy. (And meatballs).

Shop from the comfort of your own home with bol.com or amazon.com.be to have almost anything delivered to your front door! 

Can You See Yourself at Morton Place? 

We hope that you’ll join our Morton Place community! As a resident in one of our homes it is our mission to help you settle into Brussels while delivering you the unique benefits of a chic, all-inclusive, coliving environment. Feel free to reach out anytime!