Our favorite picnic spots, walking distance to Morton Place


Brussels is full of beautiful green spaces for taking advantage of the summer sun. Luckily Morton Place is near it all! Grab a group of friends, or plan a romantic rendez-vous for two, and enjoy what our residents consider the best of the best public parks nearby. 


Bois de la Cambre

The Bois de la Cambre is the ultimate outdoor space somewhat close to Morton Place. It’s definitely worth the extra effort to get there, either by planning a long-ish walk or via scooter, bike, or public transport. Boasting an expanse of grassy fields, forest areas and walking & biking trails lining the southern part of Brussels you can always find a shady spot under the trees or stake your claim to a sunny patch by the lake.

Perhaps you’d prefer to pack your own picnic for an afternoon in the park, but if dining out is your thing, check out Woodpecker and Le Kiosque for casual fare like sandwiches and snacks. If you’re up for a mini adventure, jump on the ferry boat shuttle to Chalet Robinson where you can dine more formally in the restaurant — or plop down in a canvas lounger on the lawn and watch the paddle boaters go by.


Our favorite place for quick bites and cool drinks is Le Kiosque. This cheerful, self service café has some impromptu jazz nights during the summer and keeps its terrace full of young punters satisfied with generous drinks, decent enough food and lovely staff.

Check out the individual websites for exact locations and hours.



Parc du Cinquantenaire

Maybe you work near the European Quarter or just want a change of scenery…Parc du Cinquantenaire offers a majestic backdrop for picnicking. Surrounded by a panoramic arcade built to commemorate the 50th year of Belgium’s independence, the park features a long esplanade and ample space for spreading out to enjoy a Brussels sunset. If you’re up for some culture, pop into the Military, Auto and Art History museums surrounding the park, watch the calendar for a myriad of events, or just pick up a variety of goodies from the numerous specialty food & drink shops nearby and park yourself in the grass. 

Parc de Forest – Park van Vorst
© visit.brussels – Jean-Paul Remy – 2019

Forest Park

Forest is the closest walking distance park from our Morton Place homes, which means it’s an easy go-to destination for lazy summer days. The vast open areas make for perfect picnic spots, kicking around the football, tossing a frisbee, or just meandering amid the beautiful flower beds and foliage. Swing by the myriad of shops along the way to fill up your picnic basket – create your own from the Carrefour Market at Chaussee d’Alsemberg or go for pre-made goodies from some of our favorites like Himalayan dumplings from Mo Mo and creative rice paper rolls from Knees to Chin.

Place Louis Morichar Park

For super-local green space, well off the beaten track and  just 400 meters from your front door, head over to Place Louis Morichar. A quintessential city park, where basketballers and skateboarders unite, you’ll also find it a perfect go-to spot for summer sundowners and picnics, always packed with fellow neighbors when the weather is nice. 

The Ixelles Ponds & Gardens of the Abbaye de la Cambre 

Just a hop, skip & jump from Morton Place you’ll find an idyllic location for picnicking amid the bustle of popular Place Flagey. If you go on Saturday or Sunday, hit the famous Flagey market, easily accessible on the 81 tram from Lombardie. On other days, combine an afternoon apéro or morning espresso on the sprawling terrace of red chairs at Cafe Belga — and then make your way along the Ixelles ponds and up through the Abbey and surrounding gardens.


Transportation in Brussels – Getting Around (or out of) Town

Even though Brussels is very walkable, when you need to pick up the pace or head out of town – there are a multitude of ways to navigate Europe’s vibrant capital city. Keep reading below to discover your preferred method for exploring the neighborhood… and beyond!

Public Transportation in Brussels

The public transport network in Brussels offers swift and reliable options for getting around town. Take your pick of trams, buses, and the metro depending on where you are and where you want to go. You can even check your commute time at the interactive transport site STIB-MIVB and also find the fastest way to get from point A to B in this bustling city.

Our Morton Place properties are very close to public transport stations, so we highly recommend using them for easy and reliable service. The public transport system in Brussels is safe and clean and most Morton Place residents use it regularly for commuting. 

See which of the various MoBiB payment options is right for you and order your card online or in one of the vending machine kiosks in stations and around town. You can top it up with as much money as you need, and it can be used to pay for all of the public transport operators in Belgium. These days, you can also use contactless payment cards to pay on board, but you may save money by purchasing one of the MoBiB payment plans listed above. 

Personal Mobility in Brussels

Brussels has seriously embraced personal mobility options, ranging from electric scooters to mopeds to private car shares and more. We’ve highlighted some of the more popular options below, but check out this comprehensive list of mobility options.


Electric (kick) scooters have taken over almost every corner of this city! These personal transport options, accessible via app, are extremely popular and very useful for zipping around town. You’ll find a flurry of options such as DOTT, Bolt, Lime, Voi, Bird and Tier, which have hundreds of scooters available.


The e-scooter companies Bolt and Dott also offer e-bicycles to zip around town. But for a longer term option, Swapfiets lets you pay a monthly fee for your own personal electric or traditional bike — a great choice for shorter commutes and freedom on the weekends.

In a pinch you might consider the traditional bicycle share called Villo! but it’s a bit more work since you can only pick up and park between fixed points. blue-bike is a rental option based out of train stations in Belgium, including all the stations in Brussels.

Many of our residents have their own bikes and there is ample space to store yours safely at Morton Place. 

If you’re in the market to purchase a new e-bike to go with your new room, visit Cowboy for the hippest new ride in town.



Want to feel the wind in your hair? Well, under your helmet at least! Sign up for Felyx, the electric moped service that’s as fun as it is useful. Download the app to find a moped near you and use the map online to see the range of distance you can travel. You’ll want to be sure that you stay within the Felyx -approved zones to park legally and also get back to where you need to go! Each moped comes equipped with two helmets.

Personal Car Sharing

Car sharing providers like Cambio, Poppy and Miles allow you to pick up a car at a station or within a zone and deliver it back when you’re done. Consider the different pricing, fueling up, parking and zone options depending on your needs — for instance, Miles is “pay by distance” whereas Poppy is “pay by time.”

National & International Trains

Looking for an adventure further afield? Brussels is well-connected to the rest of Belgium and throughout Europe & the UK by train. You can find high speed service via Thalys & Eurostar, while you can hop on many local & national trains by booking online at SNCB. (Pro tip: Visit the world’s most beautiful train station in Antwerp!)

Can You See Yourself at Morton Place? 

We hope that you’ll join our Morton Place community! As a resident in one of our homes it is our mission to help you settle into Brussels while delivering you the unique benefits of a chic, all-inclusive, coliving environment. Feel free to reach out anytime!